Thursday, December 8, 2022

Securing In-Transit Data Using Strong Cryptography and a Robust Key Management Infrastructure

By Ankita K.S

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Q. Given that no connected software can be perfectly secure, what would your golden rules or guidelines be for engineers working on connected critical systems?

A. I recommend they think about security at every stage. Once the product has been completed, it’s not easy to go back and add in security measures. Security needs to be incorporated in every step of the project, from the beginning designs all the way to the final product.

Q. Being an engineer yourself, can you suggest best practices for Indian embedded engineers to develop industrial systems having a security of acceptable standards?

A. I strongly encourage engineers to actively research global standards and best practices, while remaining keenly aware of the unique requirements and needs of the Indian market. This way, they’ll be able to properly leverage the work they do to meet both a global and regional audience.

This article is based n the interview with Ganesh Karri, CISSP, CISA, Chief Solutions Architect & Regional Business Manager – South Asia, Futurex. Mr. Karri is an enterprise cybersecurity, public key infrastructure, and hardware security module expert. In his role, he provides sales support to Futurex and VirtuCrypt’s growing presence in the India and South Asian regions. His strong technical background, comprised of 27 years of serving the technology and cybersecurity industries, is highly beneficial to Futurex’s expanding global presence.

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