SMEs Can Deploy IIoT Over legacy Systems To Make Manufacturing Efficient


Q. With Karnataka generally known as an SME-hub, what would be your one-line recommendation to new entrants with respect to IoT implementation over legacy systems, including protocols?

A. From the Indian context, IoT doesn’t have to be about machine learning or predictive maintenance, SMEs can start with as simple as production and downtime monitoring for one machine and then scale up over a period of time.

Q. Finally, with Industry 4.0 being the latest buzzword, how do you view co-ordination between the Indian manufacturing scheme of things and new trends?

A. Research and development for Industry 4.0 has come of age. Now is the right time for Indian manufacturing sector to catch up.

To start with, they first need to start capturing basic data (like energy, production and process) from all their machines into one platform.

The next processes can focus on capturing inputs from the operators and supervisors. Data from production, process, and energy can together provide the right information about every product output of the manufacturing unit.

This is very important in the Indian context, where most of the manufacturers depend heavily on manpower. Once you have the data, possibilities are many. The next five years are going to be game changers, machine learning will be a norm, for which historical data would act as a driver; I would advise manufacturers to start at the earliest.


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