Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Total Graphics Power Is The Most Significant Element When Designing A PCB

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Q. Over the last five years, what are the biggest technological shifts that have helped drive card performance forward?
BlurbA. In order to ensure that only the best chips are used for those aimed at over-clockers, stringent GPU gaunlet sorting ensures that only the strongest GPU surviving these tests are qualified for G1 gaming graphics cards for maximum over-clocking capability. This reduces chances of failure in GPUs under the stress of heavy computing requirements.
Thermal design is yet another important technology that differentiates high-performance graphics cards from the rest. To qualify for a high-performance line, a cooling solution must be equipped with anti-turbulence inclined fans/fins, ultra-quiet pulse width modulation (PWM) fan and pure copper heat-pipe. Inclined fins help reduce excessive heat and turbulence.

Q. Are there any specifics that must be taken care of while over-clocking a graphics card?
A. Over-clocking could easily reduce the product life cycle. Therefore the quality of product (material and components) are extreme critical for over-clockers.
For high-end series graphics cards, we use UDV material to ensure quality and durability. So, over-clockers and gamers can enjoy their games.

Q. For hardcore builders, what tools would you recommend for temperature and acoustic measurement?
A. For temperature measurement, builders can use GPU-Z, or they can test using GIGABYTE over-clocking GURU software easily.
For the acoustic part, the best way is to build an anechoic chamber with a professional device; however, it is quite difficult to create such conditions in real life.
From what we have heard, users can now simply download some specific apps on mobile devices and do the measurement. Nevertheless, please note that environmental/background noise might be included and actual numbers might be different from official numbers.



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