Thursday, December 8, 2022

Your Car Could Be Gone In 60 Seconds Too…

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Researchers working on understanding the system were able to break the 96-bit cryptographic system, by recording two conversations between the transponder and the key. The system tried a total of 196,607 options of secret keys before hitting the jackpot. Granted it took them inwards of half an hour, but if the researchers could break the system with just 2 recorded conversations, one wonders what Randall Raines (Nicolas Cage in Gone in 60 seconds) would do to your vehicle.

Power amplifier extends the range

keyless car operationOther reports explain the tech could be a power amplifier. This is a nifty little device that does things a bit differently and works on the basics of electronics. In keyless entry vehicles, the vehicle searches for the key (wireless). If the key replies back with a secure code, the door is unlocked for you. The traditional system, or the one used in vehicles is effective in distances of about a couple of meter (at most).



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