Get Familiar with Gesture Control

By Courtney Kennedy, Technology Solutions Marketing Manager, element14


There are several hardware options available for designers; one example is the ADI ADUX1020-EVAL-SDP, a gesture and proximity sensor evaluation board. The kit provides users with a simple means of interfacing with the sensor (ADUX1020), collecting data from it and evaluating gesture recognition capabilities. It requires an evaluation tool that can be downloaded from ADI. This is a graphical user interface (GUI) that provides low and high-level configurability, real-time data analysis and user data graph protocol (UDP) transfer capability so that the evaluation board can easily interface to a PC.

Another hardware option for designers is Flick HAT, for the Raspberry Pi. The add-on board uses the Microchip GestIC technology to allow designers that have a Raspberry Pi or compatible board to have easy access to a powerful gesture control system. Flick HAT can plug straight in to Raspberry Pi variants, Pi A+, B+, 2B and 3B. It allows designers to control devices by using familiar gestures, which can be up to 10 cm from the sensor board. There are many code examples available that can be downloaded from github.

Different versions of the Flick HAT are available for other development boards, for example, Flick Large is compatible with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BeagleBone and Genuino, and any other I2C-enabled device. The Raspberry Pi Zero is supported by the Flick Zero.


Touchless gesture control is an exciting technology that can complement existing touch technology or be used to replace it completely. The technology opens new applications and new ways to naturally interact with machinery. Although there are some differences in development when compared to touch-based applications, there are also many similarities, primarily the psychological techniques that help humans easily gain familiarity with the technology and make it easy and natural to use. Touchless control technology is easily accessible, either through a tailored ecosphere or through an add-on for popular development boards.



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