Monday, May 20, 2024

Here’s How To Select The Right Micro-Controller

5. Power constraints

Once you are done with selecting the right architecture and the memory its now time to step down to the market and get a list of micro-controllers matching your requirements. Start cut shorting the list by the power requirements of your device. Make sure you choose the low power parts if the device will be powered from the battery of the mobile.

6. Life cycle of the product

You are done with shortlisting the products that matches the above requirements, so now its time to consider how long of a life cycle are you planning for your product. If your product’s life is 10 years, make sure that the manufacturer guarantees a 10 year availability of the micro-controller.

7. Look for a development kit

After considering all the above factors and almost ready with the selected alternatives, start to look for a development kit. These development kits helps you to play with and learn the inner functions of the controller. If the development kit isn’t available, it is probably not the right choice.

8. Look out for compilers and tools

While after you have your development kit in hand, you are almost ready with the right micro-controller. But before you pay and leave back home, the availability of the compilers and tools is one last but a big and important factor to consider. Make sure that all required tools like the compilers, debugging tools and examples codes are already available. Without these the development process can get difficult, time taking and expensive.


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