Saturday, April 13, 2024

MathWorks Announces Release 2016b of the MATLAB and Simulink Product Families

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· Image Processing Toolbox: Support for volumetric image data using 3-D superpixels for simple linear iterative clustering (SLIC) and 3-D median filtering

· Computer Vision System Toolbox: Object detection using deep learning region-based convolutional neural networks (R-CNNs)

· Risk Management Toolbox: A new product for developing risk models and performing risk simulation

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· ThingSpeak: Ability to collect data from internet-connected sensors and run MATLAB analytics on the cloud using functions from Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox, Signal Processing Toolbox, Curve Fitting Toolbox, and Mapping Toolbox

Simulink Product Family Updates Include:
· Simulink:

o Improved performance using JIT compiler for simulations running in Accelerator mode

o Ability to initialize, reset, and terminate subsystems to model dynamic start-up and shut-down behavior

o State reader and writer blocks for full control over reset state behavior from anywhere in the model

o Raspberry Pi 3 and Google Nexus hardware support

· Simulink and Stateflow: Property Inspector, Model Data Editor, and Symbol Manager for streamlined editing of parameters and data

· Simscape: Expanded block libraries for modeling perfect, semiperfect, and real gas systems

Signal Processing and Communications Updates Include:
· Signal Processing Toolbox: Signal Analyzer app to perform time- and frequency-domain analysis of multiple time series

· Phased Array System Toolbox: Modeling support for atmospheric and multipath propagation effects on narrowband and wideband signals

· WLAN System Toolbox: IEEE 802.11ah support and multiuser-MIMO receiver capability

· Audio System Toolbox: Audio plugin hosting to run and test VST plugins directly in MATLAB

Code Generation Updates Include:
· Embedded Coder:

o Cross-release code integration for reuse of code generated from earlier releases

o Ability to generate pluggable code for any software environment including dynamic start-up and shut-down behaviors

o Support for simulating AUTOSAR basic software including Diagnostic Event Manager (DEM) and NVRAM Manager (NvM)

· HDL Coder: Adaptive pipelining for specifying target clock frequency to drive automatic pipeline insertion, and a Logic Analyzer for visualizing and analyzing transitions and states (with DSP System Toolbox)

Verification and Validation Updates Include:
· Simulink Verification and Validation: Edit-time checking for detecting and fixing standards compliance issues at design time

· Simulink Test: Custom criteria definition for test evaluation

· HDL Verifier: FPGA data capture for probing internal FPGA signals to analyze in MATLAB or Simulink

· Polyspace Bug Finder: Support for the CERT C coding standard for cyber-security vulnerability detection

R2016b is available immediately worldwide. For more information, see R2016b Highlights.



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