Monday, December 4, 2023

Digitalisation: An Imperative For New-Age India

Preethi Menon is vice president - enterprise applications, Clover Infotech

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Today, digitalization is not an option or even a need, but an imperative. Adopting digital transformation practices in all aspects is what differentiates the best companies from the whole lot, irrespective of the sector these operate in. Digital transformation by itself is a paradigm shift in mindset, technology adoption, process and people alignment. It cannot happen overnight, but is ushered in through a series of steps—just like industrialisation in India took long, hard years. The only difference here is that digital transformation would take a lot less time and impact a lot more.

While talking about digitalization, organisatons or, for that matter, governments need to ensure customer satisfaction and a delightful end-customer experience. If the solution or service does not create value for the customers or end users, it may end up being just a fad.

Automation of business processes across an organisation is demanding and requires a robust and well-connected application ecosystem. Whatever enterprise resource planning offering is used, it should seamlessly connect all business functions to facilitate the exchange of information and collaborative working.

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Also important for organisations is to excel in creating a seamless online experience with their user interface and user experience capabilities to capture the interest of their target audience and keep it constantly engaged. Keeping it together would be integrated digital initiatives to help maximise resources and deliver better outputs.

The goal of Digital India, with focus on connectivity as a Wi-Fi symbol in its logo suggests, is not that far. With more investments and better services, we could be at a cusp of a true revolution here, because businesses in a nurturing ecosystem, powered by digitalization, are creating the change that we hoped for this long.



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