Green Mobility Focus: Policy and Industry Drivers

By Sanjay Banerjee - The author is passionate about how businesses can benefit from technology. He is a tech enthusiast and a senior business leader at EFY.


• Government regulations and subsidies
• Integration of EVs within the product portfolios of OEMs
• Collaboration within the e-mobility value chain
• Relevant charging infrastructure
• Raising customer awareness about the benefits of e-mobility
• Projecting the concept of e-mobility as ‘leadership is innovation and environmental consciousness’
• Adjustment of core operations and processes

Another important aspect for India to consider would be our long-term electricity production capacity, which is currently not in a very reassuring state. That’s why we need to look at other renewable sources to generate power, which can drive the creation of supporting infrastructure.

The future of e-mobility in India

India is the fifth largest passenger vehicle market in the world, and ranks No. 2 in terms of growth rate. That’s a mouth-watering opportunity for most vehicle manufacturers. And with the commitment that is being shown by the government to promote the adoption of EVs, the time is ripe for the industry to respond to the changing dynamics. The government has proposed to get going by setting up infrastructural avenues which can propel the mission forward. It has plans for setting up battery charging units on a large scale, starting from 2018 — some with private partnerships. Research findings from the RMI and Niti Aayog study reveal that the key drivers for India’s EV mission can be split into three parts – systems integration, shared infrastructural development and scaled manufacturing (Figure 2). If all three work well, the future of India’s e-mobility sector looks bright.
The question I would like to put to business leaders who aspire to grow faster is: Isn’t e-mobility a segment that you can look at investing in now? Or will you still wait before taking the plunge. Think and decide, as brands today can be built faster than they could 25 years back. Maybe this is your time to invest and claim your share of the market.

Figure 2: Elements of India’s mobility transformation (Source: RMI Report for Niti Aayog on eMobility)

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  1. Shri. Sanjay Banerjee Good article on Green Mobility Focus: Policy and Industry Drivers. We are expecting to know more about charging station infrastructure avenues to business leaders of govt. policy in detail.


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