Staying in “TOUCH” When Far Apart

Nagaveni SA and Vinutha LB, Assistant Professors, Dept. of ECE, GMIT, Davangere


One could watch a batsman bat in the game of cricket all day long but still will not be able to make the type of shots that the player makes, but if it was possible to feel the exact amount of pressure the batsman puts by the bat on the ball, anyone can become a better batsman. Or learn how to play the guitar or a tabla just like the professionals play their instruments rhythmically.

The technology also enables the user to feel the stiffness and contours or also the elasticity of any objects. This technology can be used in various fields like e-commerce, telemedicine etc.

In the future

Sympathetic haptics is a next-generation innovation that will bring a revolutionary change in the field of internet. Even though the technology is still in progress, in the future days, it will change the lives of the people. Maybe in the future, one can send soft, fragrant flowers through the net to their dear ones so that they feel and smell the flower. Or one day a child might be able to ‘reach’ out touch his or her parents.



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