Wednesday, March 22, 2023
[vc_custom_heading text=”Design Wide Input Voltage DC-DC Converter Made Easy ” font_container=”tag:h2|font_size:28|text_align:left|color:%23101111″]

This webinar covers the basics of switching-mode voltage regulator design all the way to designing with modern regulators. Popular dc-dc converter topologies, design parameters, calculating and selecting external components, designing to tackle surges/transient conditions and other popular how-to topics are covered.

Join us to learn how to:
  • Use hands-on design examples based on Maxim Himalaya family
  • Easily and quickly design a complete dc-dc switching converter using EE-Sim design tools.
  • Optimize for high efficiency, small size, low output ripple, low BOM cost, and more
  • Take advantage of our unique “Smart Compensation” feature, to maximize performance at any input/output condition.
  • Use Power Modules- readymade power supplies with highest integration and ease of use.
Key Take Aways:

Cut capex and opex with reliable and robust wide input voltage regulators that cut power dissipation by up to 50% compared to closest alternatives.

  • If you are new to voltage regulators, learn the basics of switching dc-dc converter and how to identify system requirements
  • If you have used voltage regulators before, learn why all smart designers are adopting the industry proven wide-input regulators and modules that are easy, addictive, and cost effective
  • Optimize the voltage regulators for your needs. Complete design with simulation, efficiency and stability analysis, bill of materials, and cost information quickly and with minimum effort.
  Author Profile:

Anthony T. Huynh(a.k.a. Thong Anthony Huynh) is a Principal MTS – Applications Engineering at Maxim Integrated Products. He has 20+ years designing/defining isolated/non-isolated switching power supplies, and power management products. At Maxim, he has defined 100+ power management products including dc-dc converters, hot swap controllers, Power-over-Ethernet and various system-protection ICs adopted by world’s leading manufacturers.

Anthony holds 4 U.S. patents in power electronics and has written several public articles/application notes in this area. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Oregon State University, has completed all course work for an MS in Electrical Engineering at Portland State University where he also taught a power electronics class as an adjunct instructor. At Maxim Integrated, Anthony has authored and presented many customer and field training seminars in the power electronics area.