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Why Advertise in
Electronics For You Magazine?

Why Trust EFY?

Why should you trust EFY? Why do brands pay a premium for its properties? Here are a few facts that could help you to get an answer to these questions…

1. We’ve Been in Business Since 1969
EFY Group was established in Jan 1969 with the launch of Electronics For You magazine. Currently, EFY is India’s leading Tech Media group. Over these years, our publications have not just ‘survived’ but actually grown from strength to strength.

2. We are affiliated with INS (Indian Newspaper Society) Out of all electronics-related publications, only our publications are registered with INS and are listed in their directory. INS is India’s top trade association of print media, and only reputed publications are able to enrolled as its members. For more details, refer to: http://www.indiannewspapersociety.org/

3. We Co-organise India’s leading Industry Awards
India’s oldest awards for the electronics sector (ELCINA Awards) have been co-organised with EFY Group since 2011, and have been renamed as ELCINA-EFY Awards. The fact that a reputable non-profit organisation (trade association) has co-branded their awards with EFY shows the value and trust the industry places in the organisation.

4. We Publish India’s Only ‘Electronics’ Directory
Our knowledge of the Indian electronics industry can be gauged by the fact that EFY Group publishes India’s only Directory of its electronics industry. Even the Government of India refers to EFY’s directory to reach out to the industry.

5. Our Social Media Communities Reflect
Our Connect with Fraternity Our connect with the tech and business communities is best proven by our Social Media communities. We are lucky to manage World’s biggest social media community of electronics engineers on Facebook (facebook.com/designelectronics). Our team also drives many large communities across LinkedIN and Twitter.

6. We are Media Partners of Leading Events
EFY Group’s media partnership is sought by both Indian as well as International events spread across the globe. International events where EFY group has been a media partner include: CommunicAsia Singapore, NEPCON Japan, CEATEC Japan, CeBIT Asia, NEPCON China, China Electronics Fair, Taitronics, LED Expo Korea, LED Expo Thailand, and more.

7. Don’t Believe Us—Ask your partners & customers in India
We strongly suggest that you to speak to your team members, channel partners or customers in India, and find out which brand is the leader in publications or websites—from them.

8. The BIG Proof: ELCINA-IMRB Study
Still looking for hard facts? The ELCINA-IMRB Study on “Media Consumption Patterns of India’s ESDM Industry” should clear all doubts. This study published in October 2016 confirms Electronics For You to have a whopping 68% mind-share amongst the entire electronics fraternity in India. What’s more—the number two brand has only 3% mind-share. To view the original report, go to: https://efymag.com/elcina-imrb-lessons/

9. Our Clients Recommend Us
Still not convinced? Check out these recent testimonials of our clients—and doubts if any, will disappear.

Circulation & Readership Stats

Due to Covid, there has been a slight impact on circulation--especially sales via news-stands, and distribution of copies at events, the launch of EFY Express has enabled us to cover the gaps and connect with an even larger audience.

Following figures provide a broad average…

Estimated Unique Readership of EFY (Print), EFY (e-Zine) and EFY Express (E-zine)

Monthly: 350,000+ Annually: 600,000+

Monthly Breakup of Readership

EFY Print: 200,000

(Based on 4:1 ratio (readers: copies) for print publications)

EFY E-zine: 50,000

EFY Express: 100,000

(Expanding rapidly)

1. We provide bonus publicity via promotion of ad and brand/logo via our Leading Supplier of Electronics monthly emailer 2. The actual readership for print might be a bit lower in 2021, due to lower reader-to-copy ratio because of Corona 3. But, readership via EFY Express is expanding at a very high pace now and expected to touch 200,000 before end of 2021

Do Extra. Deliver Results.

Here's a list of the "Extras" that we deliver to our advertisers, to ensure results...

The Advertisers’ Index

Less than 30% publications publish this Index-but, we do. It’s a FREE service. This index lists all our advertisers along with their page numbers, and provide a good reference point for readers.

Ads in e-zine

We have 5,000 plus paid readers of ezine edition of Electronics For You. Plus, there are thousands of readers who access our ezines through Torrents. Barring a few exceptions, all ads in print are published on the e-zine edition too!

Premium Listing on eleB2B

While we list over 10,000 suppliers on eleB2B.com, the listing of all our advertisers are automatically listed as premium suppliers and hence come on top!

Monthly Emailers

This is a special initiative to ensure that our clients' communication reach the Inbox of top decision makers of the industry. Herein, we create emailer with ads and logos of our advertisers as images and send to a very specific database. This emailer is essentially a collection of latest promotions by suppliers.

68% mindshare amongst India's tech fraternity.

As per the ELCINA-IMRB study on 'Media Consumption Patterns of India's ESDM sector'--Electronics For You got a whopping 68 per cent mind-share amongst those surveyed. The number two brand had only 3 per cent mindshare. Thereby confirming our belief--that if you want to engage with tech community of India--Electronics For You is your best choice.

Here's a list of leading brands that have advertised in recent times...


“Our campaign has furthered our brand image and improved our reach to the target audience.”

Soni Saran Singh

Executive Director, NMTronics India

“Constant profitability is another factor ensured by constant advertising.”

Dinesh Singh

CEO, LWI Electronics Inc.

We have got due visibility and been able to showcase our services.

Paresh Vasani

Managing Director, Circuit Systems India

Advertising in EFY helped us reach targeted audiences more easily.

Parimal Rajkunwar

Managing Director, Macon Power

EFY is low risk in terms of RoI--an undisputed leader.

Sumit Sharma

Country Manager – India, Good Will Instrument Co.

We are getting enquiries from new customers!

Dileep Jain

Sales Head, Rajguru Electronics

We were able to reach a broad base of customers in known and unknown markets.

Yatish Mohan

Managing Director, Rohde & Schwarz