solar power development

Empowering the World with Solar Energy

The need for supplying a cheaper, sustainable form of energy to effectively fulfil the power demands has grown over the years. Due to its huge potential, solar is being used as...
Network Configuration And Change Management (NCCM)

The Necessity And Benefits Of Network Configuration And Change Management

As we forge ahead in a world with exploding growth in devices, network configuration and change management (NCCM) becomes crucial for ensuring uptime and integrity of networks. In today’s IT environment, organisations...

New Test Equipment For Latest-Generation Wi-Fi

New routers, tablets, laptops, phones and other Wi-Fi enabled devices will all come with Wi-Fi 6 support. As we consume more bandwidth-demanding applications, both sender and receiver devices must support Wi-Fi...

MathWorks 5G Trends and Predictions for 2020

In 2020, there will be increased interest surrounding the integration of deep learning into communications systems. Yet despite a heightened desire from the wireless industry to apply deep learning or AI,...
Smart Light Circuit

Make Your Own Smart Light

Most textile retail stores have trial/changing rooms for customers to try on new clothes before buying them. These rooms are illuminated all day long, irrespective of whether these are being used...

Communication and Internet Technology: Mobile IP with IPv6 (Part 6 of 6)

Read Part 5 Mobile IPv6 is a protocol developed as a sub-set of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) to support mobile connections. It allows mobile devices to move from one network to...

New-Generation Automotive Electronics, Infotronics and Skilled Workforce

Progress in technological innovations for autonomous and intelligent transport systems with entertainment, connectivity and information about location is advancing at a great pace with the involvement of industry, academics and various...

Electric Cars Ready for Purchase in India

Electric vehicles (EVs) are getting popular in India every day, and many people have already taken the green route. Value proposition of EVs lies not only in massive reduction in carbon...

Scaling Up Safety: Where Batteries Behave

In the cold, cold US winter of 2019, there was a stutter and stammer, and in most cases, a complete absence of sound. Electric cars, especially the Model 3 from Tesla,...

How To Calculate The Maximum Power Output From A Solar Panel?

This video demonstrates calculating the maximum power output from a solar panel and discusses determining the optimum resistive load for a solar panel. Video Courtesy: ScienceOnline

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