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How To Select The Right Battery For Your e-Bike

The concept of an e-bike revolves around a battery, where you have to select between performance, mileage, and cost. Here’s an attempt to help you make that choice Electric bikes, also known...

The Indian Rupee Is Soon Going Digital

Every other day, the lunch table conversation steers into murky waters like cryptocurrencies and central bank digital currencies. Some are for it, some are against, very few admit that it is...

AI Accelerators: A Long Way To Go

We are witnessing the AI revolution. In order to make smart decisions, the devices equipped with AI need lots and lots of data. And making sense of that data needs power...

Green Hydrogen: Fuel of the Future

India is the planet’s third-biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, after China and the US. In a bid to decarbonize India’s economy Government is giving top priority to renewable energy and also...
automotive electronics

Evolving Mobility Landscape Set to Boost Automotive Electronics Market In India

Engine control unit, EV/HV, HVAC, infotainment, and lighting account for 95% of the automotive electronics demand in the country. Government initiatives, such as the Automotive Mission Plan, which aims to produce...
P2P Quantum key distribution link architecture

Quantum Key Distribution: The Future Of Secure Communication

We all know that security of information is important, more so when the information concerns banking and financial services, military and defence networks, and various government offices spread all over the...
Art event at Broward College, Florida, USA, powered by NextMeet (Courtesy: NextMeet)

Enter The Metaverse For Better Or For Worse

If we told you that another universe is evolving in the digital space, where people can live just as in ours, would you believe it or write it off as fan...
The AKD1000-powered Mini PCIe board (Source BrainChip Inc.)

What’s So Exciting About Neuromorphic Computing

The human brain is the most efficient and powerful computer that exists. Even after decades and decades of technological advancements, no computer has managed to beat the brain with respect to...
Disassembled St. Jude Medical Merlin@home EX1150 transmitter

Remote Monitoring Of Cardiac Devices

Rapid progress in information technology and medical sciences has resulted in several implantable devices. This article focuses on the heart and related devices, which are used to provide cardiac resynchronisation therapy,...
battery featured image

Essentials Of A Battery Management System

We take our batteries for granted and often misuse them, unknowingly. But there is much that goes behind designing a battery and, especially, its management system, without which it can run...

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