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Deconstructing Careers in Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Domains

Gut-Brain Model Towards Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

Introduction Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently traversing through its natal stage. The implementation of AI shall lead towards analyzing the cancers and tumors better than human inference, it is also leading towards...

No Text And Only Conversation-Based Programming

This marvelous innovation with great features and benefits is not just a boon for novice DIY programmers, but also an example of AI put to the right use. It is quite fascinating...

How Technology Can Help In Waste Management

Such technologies as artificial intelligence, Big Data, machine learning and robotics, if implemented properly, can make the Indian waste management sector much more efficient Waste management is the generation, prevention, monitoring, treatment, handling,...

Ten AI Trends Revolutionising Consumer Electronics

The consumer electronics industry is constantly evolving and growing at a fast pace. It has seen a number of new products and developments in recent years, which has led to aggressive...

Printed Integrated Circuits That Consist Of Several Hundred Transistors

These printed large-scale integrated circuits are made of a special conducting material that can do fast processing and the printing ink allows extremely fine micrometre connections to be made with ease. When...

World’s First Magnetic Bulb Socket For Super Quick Lightbulb Installation

The invention of lightbulb has been one of mankind's greatest achievements. And now a magnetic bulb socket that allows a lightbulb to fix itself in place (with additional benefits) seems to...

Chip That Consumes Absolutely No Power But Still Works Great

A first of its kind technological device that requires no power source and can save a huge amount of designing space We are all well aware that a power source is...

Research Project Containing ESP32 Modules Launched Into Space

The ESP32 modules have been used in a research project for developing new commercial "off-the-shelf" on-board computing (OBC) for space rocket communication It seems that ESP32 can be used for developing just...

Behind Every Successful Product There is a Good Design and Engineering

The author summarises a set of issues that need to be addressed if a product has to succeed in the market in its initial release itself. In my career I have developed...

Mini Satellite To Create World’s First Free and Open Source IoT Network

The cost for developing space satellites is generally not less than million dollars. And the entire system's enormous weight requires secure handling procedures, which can be only achieved in state-of-the-art research...

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