iQuant Analyzer: Point-Of-Care Test-kit Analyser Made In India, For India

Over the years, innovators have been looking at ways and means of converging digital and medical technologies for creating newer diagnostics and solutions for the healthcare industry. Changes and advancements in...

CardioMon – Saving Lives Through ECG at Home

Myocardial infarction, or simply, heart attack, is one of the major ailments leading to human fatality, especially in a country such as India, due to sedentary lifestyle and diet. It is...

Brain Gate: Assistive Technology for Productive Living

Brain gate is a new technological development in the field of medical electronics that enables people with severe paralysis or neurological problems to live more productively and independently. Brain gate is a...

Smartphone Motion Sensors and Healthcare: On the Cusp of a Disruption?

Three facets of personal healthcare—gait- and posture-related disorders, geriatric care and treatment of neurodegenerative disorders—are set to see important changes, driven by the emergence of sensors-laden smartphones as the centerpiece of...

Wireless Technology for Medical Applications

Use of smartphones for patient care and disease management has led to some very exciting and useful medical innovations In May 2016 India tabled an ambitious mHealth (Mobile Health) resolution at World...

Will Biosensors Sensitise The Indian Market?

Biosensors are analytical devices that combine a bioreceptor (biological recognition element) and a transducer. The bioreceptor can be organisms, tissues, cells, enzymes, antibodies, nucleic acids, etc. It detects the target analyte....

Designing Electro-Medical Equipment

Designing electronic medical devices requires engineers to walk an extra mile. After all, it’s the matter of saving lives! Since accuracy and reliability are crucial for medical equipment, designers have to...

Glaucoma Detection Using Support Vector Machine Algorithm

Glaucoma is one of the second principal eye disease in the world, if not treated legitimately may prompt to permanent blindness. There are no particular symptoms for this disease; it is...
ingestible cameras | Edible Electronics

Edible Electronics: A Joke or a Cure?

Implantable and ingestible (edible) electronic devices that stay inside your body pose unique engineering challenges. These should not only use the best processor but also be minimal in size, biocompatible, safe...
CloudPill with multiple pouches

CloudPill: Cloud-based IoT Monitoring of Pillbox Usage

An intelligent medication adherence solution (CloudPill) using an intelligent pillbox with pill detection capability and wireless connectivity to a cloud infrastructure

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