Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Multi-Purpose Wire-Loop Security System

This multi-purpose security system utilises wire loops to secure items. Wire loops can be employed in various ways for security applications such as luggage...

Batteryless E-paper Display

As technology advances, various energy harvesting methods have emerged, leading to a new era of batteryless sensors. The batteryless E-paper display proposed here is...

Compact Satellite Module Boosts Connectivity

The 3GPP non-terrestrial network (NTN) satellite communication module offers connectivity solutions for IoT applications. Quectel Wireless Solutions have announced the launch of the Quectel BG95-S5...

Assistive AI: Semiconductor Design, Manufacture, And Workforce

Together, human intelligence and AI create a powerful synergy, highlighting the vital lesson for the semiconductor workforce: adapt to new technologies. The relationship between semiconductors...


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Three Output Smart Power Strip Reference Design

The smart power strip reference designs offer three outputs to simplify the design process and speed up market entry, enhancing home automation, security, and...


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