Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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Single-Cell Battery Charging Circuit For IoT Devices

A crucial component in many IoT and wearable electronic designs is the single-cell battery charging circuit. However, implementing this vital element and finding cost-effective...

Revolutionising Analogue Radio Frequency IP Development In India

Silizium Circuits, an Indian startup pioneering analogue RF IP development, is reshaping India’s semiconductor landscape, focusing on hard IPs and innovative protection strategiesIn the...

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Reference Design For 7 kW On-Board Charger

The on-board charger reference design of electric vehicles offers high power efficiency, innovative heat management, and modular adaptability. An on-board charger (OBC) is an integral...


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Critical Temperature Control Using NTC Thermistors

Temperature control is required almost everywhere. Littelfuse Inc., an industrial technology manufacturing company, introduces its standard supply of negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor series with...

Can A Business Plan Be An Asset?

Your business plan is not just a document; it is your guiding star in the entrepreneurial galaxy. So, why settle for a static plan?...

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