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Innovations Thriving In The Battle Against Coronavirus

Amidst the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, existing technologies and innovations like robots and drones are becoming common. These are being used for sanitisation, awareness,...

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Introduction To TRIAC

In this video tutorial, the presenter would be explaining about TRIACs. He would be covering the following topics, given below: Meaning of TRIAC Use...

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Bidirectional Buck-Boost and Dual-Phase Buck DC-DC Controllers

The high power buck controllers achieve reliable performance for 48V telecom, data centre and industrial applications For supporting extra voltage margin needed by data centre...
Capacitive Touch Keyboard Prototype

Make A Simple Capacitive Touch Keyboard With Arduino

Certain shortcuts on your keyboard such as copy, paste or print can definitely simplify your work. And what if you can create these different...

Bidirectional Power Supply For Testing Electric Drive-Trains

Power supply solution, integrated with CoolSiC MOSFETs, for simplified electrical testing operates at full power and high efficiency While the increase in the sales...

Power Management ICs Designed Into Air Pollution Monitoring Hardware

Leveraging the power of this robust PMIC, a new environmental sensor module has been developed to monitor air pollution levels To suit the power requirements...

JOB: Trainee Associate Engineer FND At BT

About this role Responsible for network mapping which includes recording and performing connectivity for copper and fibre network including network for other ISP in the...

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