Saturday, April 1, 2023

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Getting To Know IC 555 Through Experiments (Part 2)

The first six circuits to learn the theory and digital logic behind twelve simple experiments that can be performed using IC 555 were published...

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Reference Design For A Handheld TDS Metre

Reference Design For A Handheld TDS Metre that employs the direct measurement of the conductivity of the solution technique to detect TDS. Consumption of contaminated...

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Rework System For Servers, Backplanes & Extra-Large Boards

LT120 is a rework system for large complex boards or ones used in high-production facilities. The LT120 can allow OEMs to build prototype assemblies with...

JOB: Tech Support Professional At Honeywell

APPLY HERE Location: Gurgaon Company: Honeywell Core Responsibilities: (Include but not limited to) Capability to fault finding issues filtered by Partner, Hub or internal customers Liaising with Product management...

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