Tuesday, November 28, 2023

New DIY Projects

PLC  Based Automatic Pattern Generated Square Water Curtain Fountain

In this designed project, the flow of water will be in the form of a fountain with a special different pattern. When the project...

The First High Voltage Electric 2-Wheeler In India

Kaynes Technology, a major player in India’s electronics manufacturing services, is a strategic investor in Raptee. They are also contracted to manufacture specific components...

Truly Innovative Tech

IoT Connectivity SoC With Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3

The algorithm allows any Wi-Fi-connected embedded device to detect the presence of humans, estimate their motion, approximate their location, and sense subtle gestures and...

Reference Designs

Smart Home Lock Reference Design

Smart home lock reference design kits offer convenience and security, eliminating physical keys, enabling remote access, and integrating cloud services.  With the proliferation of smart...


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JOB: Printed Circuit Board Design Engineer At PsiBorg Technologies In Noida

APPLY HERE ON LINKEDIN Location: Noida Company: PsiBorg Technologies Company Description Psiborg Technologies is an IoT company in Noida that specializes in hardware development, connectivity protocols, security, device...

JOB: EDA Tools Hardware Engineer At Intel In Bengaluru

APPLY HERE Location: Bengaluru Company: Intel Role Description Design Enablement team at India is part of Technology Development group, having charter to develop methodology for advance process nodes,...

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