Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Low-cost Tachometer Prototype

Low-Cost Tachometer

From drones to smart cars, from lifts to industrial robotics, all use an important device: a motor or rotating gear. For reliable, robust and efficient motor design, measurement of rotational speed...

Furnace High-Temperature Monitoring and Logging System

Measuring and monitoring temperature above 200℃ to 1000℃  is a highly difficult task, especially when you want to carry it out digitally because most sensors have a sensing range below 200℃,...
Spy Device

Long Range Audio Spy Device

Bluetooth-based spying devices can help you eavesdrop on someone, just like in James Bond movies. But Bluetooth and also WiFi have a very low range. Wouldn’t it be cool if you...

Microwave Radar Based Electric Shock Protection

When it comes to the safety of children near electric sockets at home, many cases of accidents occur due to electric shocks. Although protection systems are adequately placed in such outlets,...
visitor counter

Visitor Counter Using RGB APDS-9960

We have heard of events/parties going out of control due to gate crashing by uninvited guests. Now, as a solution, imagine your door counting the number of invitees and raising an...
Single-Channel Audio Amplifier

Single-Channel Audio Amplifier

Here is a simple single-channel audio amplifier that can be made using IC LM380N. As per the datasheet, LM380N delivers an output of 2.5 watts with an 18V power supply and...
Milliamp Meter Circuit

Milliamp Meter For 1mA To 100mA

Low-current measurements are generally not reliable due to resolution of the measurement devices, which are mainly meant for measuring a current of a few hundreds of milliamps to a few amps....

RFID Contactless Lock

When it comes to security, RFID card-based digital locks are more reliable than key-based mechanical locks since they cannot be easily broken also they are Contactless Lock. Therefore, some hotels across...

Simple FM Receiver

Here’s a simple FM receiver with minimum components for local FM reception.

Touchless Doorbell For The Post-Covid World

This low-cost, simple, reliable, and effective circuit for a doorbell works without touching. It can be quite useful in our post-Covid-19 world as it minimises the spread of virus through doorbells. Circuit and...

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