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Community Projects

Projects published below, have NOT been tested at Electronics For You Labs. But, that does not mean that they don’t work.

We invite YOU to try and test them, and share your feedback and suggestions for improvements.

We will be happy to recognise the good ones via Certificate of Recognition and a Surprise Gift, on a weekly basis….

Wireless Remote Control Functionality Using YODA & Arduino receiver side

Wireless Remote Control Functionality Using YODA And Arduino

This Wireless Remote Control project is based on Yoda with an adapter and Arduino Nano. Electrical appliances (like fan and lights) can be controlled wirelessly using an RF remote. This Project describes...
COVID19 Heath Band


Corona Virus or COVID-19 has shaken the entire world. As per more than 121 countries have been affected by the virus. The death toll keeps on rising in many countries...
ESP32 Talking Clock

ESP32 Talking Clock

The MP3 shield that has come from aliexpess for a mere $1.3 a piece was lying on the table for quite some time as I was really not able to find...

Make Your Own Smart Card

In this project, we would be designing a Smart Card using Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags. This smart card records previous journeys of the users and stations names. This project is based...
TFMini TOF laser

TFMini Precision Gauge

The idea of buying a TFMini LiDAR was to build a radar but for many days nothing really got kicked off and then one day while handling the long ERW pipes...
Retrieval Of Data Using Image Analytic

Retrieval Of Data Using Image Analytic

After the success of the hydel plant telemetry project at less than INR 10K my boss thought why don’t I take up a similar project for the 16 MW solar field!...

Arduino Nano Based Car Security & Automatic Wiper System

This project addresses the automatic wiper and car security system for a car. Apart from that, it takes care of the security in terms of Smartphone App based monitoring and control...
GPS Receiver

ESP32 (Non-Standard) GPS Receiver

Introduction GNSS – GG-1802 ($5 a piece) Sometimes things do not fall in place and we curse ourselves for taking the wrong turn or making the wrong choices. But in P B Shelly's...

ESP32 LoRa Gateway

In a boiler safety project, we completed, in which we are collecting 32 thermocouple readings from the deep of a 500 MW boiler 2nd pass area where the ambient temperature on...

LoRa Chatmetry

Bandhavgarh tiger reserve forest, MP – 1150 square kilometres spread across Umaria district. The jungle has a core area of 820 square kilometres where no human activity is allowed. The...

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