Smart Robots Working Collaboratively With Humans

Scientists all over the world are developing intelligent robots that can observe and learn from experience and human behaviour. The robots can then collaborate with humans across a range of sections. As...

Visualisation Device for Industrial Automation Using AR & Holograms

The concept of Virtual reality (VR) or the Augmented reality (AR) originated as early as 19th century and with the latter coming into more and more commercial aspect recently through the...

Industrial Automation using SCADA, HMI & PLC

With the introduction of personal computers (PC) in 1980s, industrial automation was revolutionised. Industrial Automation is the use of automated control devices such as Programmable logic Controller (PLC), Computer Numerical Control...

Industrial Automation and Control: Issues and Trends

Compelled by the continuous pressure on profitability improvement, manufacturers continuously look to invest in solutions that will help them increase their productivity with minimal assets. That’s where industrial automation acts as...
Circuit of the soccer robot

Soccer Robot

This soccer robot can move forward, reverse, forward-left, forward-right, reverse-left and reverse-right with the help of an Android phone.
pocket IO

Increase Manufacturing Productivity Via Self-Aware Digital Factory

Silicon Valley has long been viewed as a cradle of innovation. Inventions that have come out of the Valley have impacted our lives and changed the way that we interact with...
Connected Car

Make Sure You’ve Got the Right PMIC for Your Automotive Designs

Data centers servers reside in temperature-controlled environments—essential given the fact that a single server processor might consume 200-450 watts. So, imagine if that server was inside a car, where wide ambient...

Latest Automotive Processors with Built-In Security Set to Protect Connected Cars against Cyber Threats

New processors combine ST’s automotive and security expertise to meet demanding safety, reliability, and quality standards Market’s first implementation of dedicated, isolated Hardware Security Module (HSM) on an automotive microprocessor...

Camouflaged Past, Omnipresent Future

Automation is defined as carrying out a set of predefined procedures to achieve a specific outcome. Introduction of engineering automation can be dated back to the time when command-line interfaces (CLIs)...

Wireless Testing & Certification For Long Range Devices

Bengaluru, 26th July, 2017: TUV Rheinland India, a subsidiary of TUV Rheinland Group, Germany, a worldwide leader in Testing, Training, Inspection, Consulting & Certification, announced that it has achieved another milestone...

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