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New MEMS Microphones from CUI Devices can help you design Active Noise Canceling headphones. CUI Devices has announced a couple of new high-quality microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) microphone that is suitable for active noise cancellation. The CMM-2718AB-3815NC-TR and CMM-2718AT-3817NC-TR are analog...
Sound Touch an immersive multi-sensory audio performance for solo percussion and electronics, premieres on 27 July. It is a playful and provoking exploration of music's capacity to affect one's character and a sensory lesson in the delicate art of...
xMEMS Labs MEMS speaker delivers enhanced audio quality and extended listening times Takes over earlier coil-based speaker technology and replaces it with semiconductor technology xMEMS Labs, a developer of speaker technology for personal audio devices has introduced Montara, a...

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