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It integrates multiple analogue and digital functions to reduce design time and costs of braking, transmission and HVAC systems With the introduction of the RAA2S425x IC Family, Renesas Electronics provides highly accurate amplification and sensor-specific signal correction in automotive xEV/EV/FCEV...
Intersil-brand rad-hard ICs aboard JAXA’s Hayabusa2 spacecraft help deliver efficient and highly reliable products Designed to explore the origins of the planets, the water of Earth’s oceans and the source of life, the Hayabusa2 spacecraft that was operated by the...
Developed using rigorous design processes, the automotive compliant switches with self-diagnosis meet demanding proximity/position-sensing The two-wire unipolar (AH323xQ/4xQ) and latch (AH327xQ/8xQ) switch integrated circuits (ICs) provide high sensitivity and high stability over wide operating voltage and temperature ranges for use in automotive proximity and...

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