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blue lab hydroponic controller


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    hi there i have an electronic question we own a hydroponics farm i am a sparky by trade by are limited on electronics, I have a blue lab pro controller unit for hydroponics monitoring it has its own power supply it has an option to plug in a 4 way dosing pump that blue lab sell i cant afford it, it can send a sig to a dozer pump to dose nutrient or acid to adjust the ph and ppm on the water .it has a plug at its base for out put to max 50 ma out put that there doser plugs into normally ,i have found a plug that fits it to extend the wiring to a controller i will build,i need to to control my 3 x 24 v dosing pumps i have a 24 v power supply to power the pumps i under stand how to wire in a relay to switch the 24 v supply to pumps via n/o contacts, what do i use to trigger the relay say 24 v coil from the miila amp out put from the blue lab note the comments from blue lab below as i already have a power supply available blue lab want 4k for a 4 way dosing pump was bad enough i spent 2k on the monitor asked blue lab in usa for pin out puts this is the response. email from blue lab below Firstly suggest using an oscilloscope on the Pro Controller pins. The pro controller provides no power and can switch no power, but effectively provides “dry” contacts to signal a pump unit driver. Pin 1 – Common Pin 3 – pH Pin 4 – ECA Pin 5 – ECB Pin 8 – Temp The customer will need to provide 24VDC (max) to pro controller for it to pull signal to gnd. The max current you can pull is 50mA to prevent damage to components within pro controller. Do NOT wire anything to the other pins. question can some please help me to draw a wiring diagram for a pump unit driver and what i need to get to make this work i really appreciate your help

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