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Coil gun

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      How would i build an at home coil gun? I have access to 3D printers, metal, power supplies, solenoid coils, switchs, bare boards, electrical components and the like. Ive seen the diy ones using flat circular magnets but unless i completely redesigned it to fit in a chasis i feel like it wouldnt be “as powerful”?


        Design the gun body: Use a 3D printer or other means to fabricate a gun-shaped enclosure for your coil gun components.

        Choose a power supply: Select a high-voltage power supply that can provide enough energy to drive the coil. You may need to use multiple power supplies in parallel to achieve the desired voltage.

        Wind the coil: Wind a solenoid coil with a high-conductivity wire, such as copper, and calculate the number of turns and wire diameter to achieve the desired inductance and resistance.

        Install the coil and switch: Mount the coil inside the gun body and install a switch, such as a relay, that can control the flow of electrical current to the coil.

        Connect the power supply and switch: Connect the power supply to the switch and the coil, making sure to properly insulate all connections and follow safety precautions.

        Load the projectile: Load a ferromagnetic projectile, such as a nail or a bolt, into the coil gun. The projectile should fit snugly inside the coil, but not be in contact with the coil or the switch.

        Fire the coil gun: When the switch is closed, the electrical current will flow through the coil, generating a strong magnetic field that propels the projectile out of the coil.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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