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    I am working on a project which the 50kg half bridge cell load cells are placed at a distance of minimum 25cm from the HX711 IC. The problem was, whenever I read the raw value and the weight value, the result is oscillating each time I call the respective function. I tried with shielded cable but I didn’t get the satisfied result. Anybody know how to solve this issue?

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    Reply by Ehsan Habib: Try to take some sample Value, and Average it


    Yes, I did that but I was getting the results irrelatively and sometimes negative value. Please note that, I am reading the value of multiple load cells through a mux. Can you help?


    The load might be oscillating. The issue maybe a mechanical thing. However as you have said that you already are using a shielded cable, try to use shielded twisted pair like CAT-6 cable. Also in the input section of the HX711 module try adding filter capacitor. Make sure power supply is clean and setup is away from a EM noise source.
    Also as you said that you have used a mux (perhaps analog), have you compensated for voltage drop in mux by adding voltage buffer at the end of Mux output ? Please share diagram to enable us to help you further

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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