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Newbie needs help troubleshooting a Bob Beck blood electrification circuit

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    I purchased this in kit form a while back, and actually got it working. But then one day I found a couple of wires had come off the circuit board, and when I tried to resolder them onto the pcb it overheated and damaged one of the copper traces. I tried to get the seller to help me, but he told me that he could not, because he was travelling. So since a couple of years ago I have not been able to use this device, and due to health challenges with which this could have been useful, I really need this working. I have the manual in .pdf format, along with various photos showing the circuit with my attempts to colour the traces, and the rest showing my terrible soldering ;), but being new to this forum I don’t know how to upload them?
    I recently acquired a fairly good auto-ranging digital multimeter, so now I want to see whether I can get the device working again with your help, but in terms of finding the fault, I don’t know where to start 😉

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