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Which one good for play game OLED TV and UHD TV ?

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    can u guy tell me.


    Both are high-end product lines with similar common names, OLED TVs and QLED TVs are making many people confused when choosing. If you are also one of them, let’s compare and see how OLED and QLED TVs are not the same with the Web!

    Compare OLED and QLED TVs
    The introduction of OLED and QLED has created “a new era” for the TV market, gradually replacing CRT, LCD or Plasma lines. Along with that is the unending battle between these two product lines. So what’s the difference between OLED and QLED TVs?

    Compare OLED and QLED technologies
    What are OLED TVs and QLED TVs? OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. OLED TVs have panels with points that are independent lighting organic diodes. When receiving an image signal, the diodes will light up without the need for a backlight or color filter.
    QLED – Quantum-dot LED – belongs to the series of TVs equipped with quantum dots covered on LED backlights. Quantum dots are responsible for creating color for each pixel with light from the LED background.

    Deep Blackness
    On an OLED TV screen, each pixel is made up of an organic compound with a specific molecular structure, which can light itself up when an electric current is passed. In contrast, when there is no current, the RGB value is 0-0-0, the pixels are not activated, causing the OLED screen to show full black. Thanks to that, OLED TVs have very good contrast and sharpness.
    Unlike OLED, QLED TVs always need current to activate the backlight in each case. That’s why the deep black of QLED TVs can’t be as absolute as OLED.
    Backlight mechanism in QLED and OLED TVs
    The backlight mechanism is one of the big differences between QLED and OLED. QLED TVs use backlighting and quantum dots that control different levels of light, providing top-notch display, bright and vibrant color images. Meanwhile, with OLED TVs, when receiving the image signal, the light-emitting diodes will light up without a candle or color filter, thereby helping to save more electricity.

    Compare OLED and QLED screen designs
    Not only technology, OLED and QLED screens can also have many differences. Usually OLED screens will be thinner and more compact, and can also be bent (curved screen type). However, many high-end QLED TVs today also hold the thin, compact and curved screen version as impressive and beautiful as OLED TV.

    Compared to OLED, QLED TVs have an advantage in terms of main brightness because they use separate backlights instead of relying on each pixel to create its own light. LED blacklight can be made extremely bright. In addition, the quantum dots of QLED TVs are able to maximize that light by creating brighter colors in the color spectrum without sacrificing saturation.
    The ability to save electricity
    OLED TVs use extremely thin OLED panels and do not need blacklight. As a result, they are often lighter in weight and thinner than QLED TVs. This means that OLED TVs save more power.

    Due to high production costs, the selling price of OLED TVs is somewhat higher than that of QLED TVs. This is also the reason that many Vietnamese consumers prefer QLED TVs.

    Should I buy an OLED or QLED TV?
    After comparing OLED and QLED TVs, we see that they have many differences, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Although QLED TVs do not have absolute black depth and good power saving like OLED, in return it has a relatively cheap price, diverse designs, image quality, and designs are becoming more and more eye-catching. . If OLED has the upper hand in the dark, a QLED TV is a better all-round device.

    OLED TVs are usually suitable for spacious and luxurious spaces. Meanwhile, QLED TVs can be used for any space, from affordable to high-end. However, these are only our reckless remarks. To choose the most suitable product for you, you should base on your financial conditions, usage needs and preferences.
    P/S: Sorry, my english not good

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