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Straight from the generators, electricity is produced in thousands of volts. This is much more powerful than what we need for everyday use. Even at home, voltage from a wall plug is many times more than most household electronics...
In this video, the presenter is going to perform a simple experiment etching, custom designs into solid metal using battery and power adapter. He will also be comparing the results using salt water and vinegar. Courtesy: The King of Random
India vows to be the third largest producer of electricity by producing around 1,200 billion units of electricity every year, yet this amount fails to serve around 400 million Indians among the total population of 1.3 billion. The main...
Do electrons flow from positive to negative? Or do they flow from negative to positive? In this video, the author is going to give you a short tutorial on difference between Conventional Flow and Electron Flow. Courtesy: AddOhms