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Provides improved image quality and IR sensitivity, with no need of separate RGB and IR sensors for cancer diagnosis and treatment While endoscopic precancer and cancer detection procedures are performed using IR light, surgeons also need RGB light to confirm...
This circuit is basically a short-range, infrared remote-controlled electromagnetic relay driver. It can be used to control door motors or solenoid-based locks using a compact and handy remote handset.
A special feature of this infrared burglar alarm is latching operation. Also, the circuit is highly sensitive. The circuit comprises transmitter and receiver sections. Whenever IR beam between the transmitter and the receiver is interrupted, the alarm circuit is triggered...
Following the launch of the Raspberry Pi3 in February, element14, the market leading manufacturer and distributor of the Raspberry Pi has announced the launch of two new upgraded cameras. The Raspberry Pi Camera v2 and Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera v2...

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