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Anritsu's latest support offerings of FEC symbol capture function and PAM4 Bathtub test capability ensures stronger 5G mobile communications It helps in evaluating the performance of high-speed devices and shortens development time The spread of commercial next-generation 5G mobile...
Anritsu's testing solution aims to handle the large data volumes driven by next-gen 5G communications and IoT technology Performs accurate measurement of high-speed computing and data communications interfaces Anritsu Corporation has released its USB4 receiver test solution, which uses...
- Signal Quality Analyzer MP1900A Supports Simultaneous Multi-channel Measurements, PAM4 BER Tests, and PCI Express Link Negotiation July 3, 2017 – Anritsu Company introduces the Signal Quality Analyzer (SQA) MP1900A BERT, a versatile solution that can measure next-generation PCI Express...

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