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Smart cities must fulfil the need for sufficient fresh water, universal access to cleaner energy, ability to travel efficiently from one point to another, sense of safety and security, among others. Smart cities need to be able to efficiently...
Watch this video to know how will 5G technology transform our cities and our lives by connecting buildings, cars, people and a whole slew of other things. Courtesy: Funny video
Internet of Things has a new feather to its cap. With Asian countries like South Korea commercializing its first low cost Internet of Things, estimates of connected devices is all set to grow. At about 350 to 2000 Korean...
In this interview, Satish N Jadhav, Director - IoT, Embedded Sales Group, Intel South Asia speaks to Shanosh Kumar from EFY about the Internet of Things as Intel sees it.
The talk of the town is Internet of Things (IoT) and the advances it has pushed in every sector has given us amenities like Smart Homes, Connected Cars and more. Many industries including startups and MNCs have already enrolled...