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Registered users of www.electronicsforu.com enjoy special benefits. Registration is free here, and is a process that enables the team to understand the profile of our users.

1. EFY can take back any of the benefits passed to a registered user.

2. EFY has the discretion to accept or decline registration of any user.

3. EFY expects that contact details (if submitted) are correct.

4. EFY reserves the right to send marketing emails to your email-ID and send SMS to your phones for generating revenue. This is the only way EFY can pump in resources for the FREE services being provided.

5. EFY at any time may change the categories, sub-categories or any other information that helps to identify your data.

6. EFY at any time may change the entire content of the website.

7. EFY reserves the right to terminate any or all feature(s) on its own discretion.

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