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5 Reasons to Go for a Lithium Ion Battery Inverter

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      Lithium ion battery inverters are the latest technology and are thought to be far more efficient than traditional inverter batteries. In addition, because of their fast charging and high energy discharge, they are ideal for providing exceptional power during a power outage.

      They are so powerful that they are trailing some of the class-leading electric cars, SUVs, and trucks that have proven to be on par with their gas-powered counterparts; however, they are much more efficient and environmentally friendly. In some ways, it is the future of battery technology that is not only powering vehicles but also our homes and offices, as newer generation inverters are being built from the ground up with built-in lithium-ion batteries for increased power and efficiency.

      In this article, we will look at some of the benefits of installing a lithium ion battery inverter in your home or business!

      Longevity and Low Maintenance

      A lithium ion battery inverter have a service life of at least 5 years; however, they do not require any maintenance. As a result, they are a far more efficient and cost-effective solution for your power backup needs. It is only a one-time cost, and you will not have to spend money actively maintaining the battery throughout its lifecycle.

      Outstanding Power Delivery

      Lithium ion battery inverters have a high power density that allows them to produce exceptional bursts of energy and are designed to quickly charge smartphones, laptops, and other devices. Furthermore, this high-power delivery is ideal for running appliances that require more power to function properly.

      More Energy is Stored

      A lithium-ion battery has more power due to its high energy density design. This gives lithium ion battery inverter the ability to offer more backup time while saving you money on electricity bills. This is due to its quick charging capabilities and minimal loss of stored energy when not in use.

      Lightweight and Compact

      A lithium ion battery inverter weighs half as much as other similarly powered inverters & batteries, making it a very compact and lightweight battery type. This ensures that the battery requires little storage space while providing greater efficiency despite its small size.

      Rapid Charging

      This is what sets a lithium ion battery inverter apart from others on the market. The ability to quickly charge, results in incredible performance even under the most demanding conditions.

      A lithium ion battery inverter is considered to be the safest option available today. These battery inverters pose little to no risk of short circuits, overheating, overcurrent, or explosions. They are also the safest battery option for running expensive and sensitive appliances because there is no risk of damage from these batteries due to their efficiency.

      Lithium ion battery inverters are still relatively new and slightly more expensive than traditional batteries; however, if you value quality and durability, lithium-ion battery-powered inverters are the right option for you.

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