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    ​Guys, please consider the attached images of circuit diagram for your reference. we tried to simulate in proteus, in which motor runs. but physically we observed some issues with inverter module. Its output is not as expected. Rectifier is working fine. Rectifier output is 550 V. which is given to collector of high side IGBTs.

    ​Expected output at Inverter output side is 400V AC. but we are getting only 10-20Volts output.

    while handling single IGBT, issue we found with GT60N321 IGBTs are:-

    1) When we give 10V Gate, 24V Collector, then we get only 12-13V output at Emitter

    2) When we give 19V Gate, 24V Collector, then we get 23V output at Emitter


    3) When we give 19V Gate, 50V Collector, then still we get 27V output at Emitter. which should not have happened. We expect 48V approx output at emitter.

    Output are being measured using multimeter. In practical we are giving 6 signals from Arduino to 6 IGBTs.

    ​Arduino code has been attached for your reference. Go through the following link

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)