YOU can be a brand…

the Gurus of EFY
the Gurus of EFY

Yes! YOU can be a brand by yourself.

Some artists become brands, some models become brands, some techies become brands–why NOT you?

Showcase Your Talent. Be Recognised. is for electronics, what GitHub is for software!

A platform for experts and experts-to-be, to showcase talent.

A platform that enables YOU to focus on your skill-sets, and not worry about attracting audiences.

A platform that enables YOUR WORK to be viewed by a global audience of half-a-million or more, every month!


Recently, someone asked us, “For software developers, GITHUB is a great platform to showcase their talent to employers or clients. Is there something like that for electronics experts?”

That question made us realise the immense responsibility needs to undertake to enable electronics enthusiasts to demonstrate their talent, and let the community and industry grow faster.

Hence, this initiative–to reach out to every electronics enthusiast and invite them to showcase their talent by publishing content, which reflects their area of expertise.

The content can be a white-paper, or a cartoon, a DIY project or a technical article, a review of a development board or a nice photo of a lab.

As long as it’s related to electronics, AND you have copyright on it (it’s your creation)–we would be more than happy to publish it on

What’s more, it will be featured on our website just like any other piece of content.


First, you get to build a portfolio of content which you can showcase to a client or an employer.
As an employer, if I can see your 3D designs for enclosures on a public platform like–then I know that you are NOT lying about your ability to design enclosures for 3D Printers.

Second, you can build a list of followers, who will follow all the content you post.
This, if achieved, will help you build your own brand amongst your followers.

Third, you may even get paid by us.
We do pay honorarium for best content published on our website. Every month, the TOP 25, in terms of Page Views–get paid anywhere between Rs 2,000 to Rs 10,000!

Last, but the big one–you can get your own sub-domain! Once we have published 50 pieces of your content, and we see good views for some (if not all of them), we will create a micro-site for YOU, where only your content will be displayed.

Something like:

Those who reach this level, would surely be a BRAND by themselves, and this micro-site will further help in strengthening that brand.


  • We have developed a comprehensive FAQ on how to submit content. CLICK HERE to view it.
  • This FAQ also includes a section, which addresses all queries related to submission of DIY Projects.
  • But, if we have not addressed a query, feel free to submit it below OR write to [email protected], and we will reply to you, and add it to our FAQ.

We have created the Opportunity. It’s now your turn to capitalise it.


  1. “You Can Be a Brand – – !”
    A very innovative and morale booster to Electronics Enthusiasts!
    Hearty thanks for providing excellent and a very large platform to the Electronics Enthusiast to show case their talent. Moreover, the system is indeed well constructed keeping in mind, the required aspects.
    Congratulations to the designers.