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Adlink’s SMARC 2.1 Now Features A MediaTek Genio1200 Processor

Adlink has released an AIOT SMARC module powered by a MediaTek Genio 1200 processor. The SMARC 2.1 is capable of driving AI at the edge. The module is powered by an...

RMS Voltage Calculator

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Add BLE To More Products Using TI’s CC2340

Texas Instruments CC2340 is the latest series of microcontrollers added to the company's connectivity portfolio. The wireless (MCU) enables high-quality Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) at a lower price than any of...

Peak Voltage Calculator

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Organic Transistors: Paving The Road For Future Organic Electronics

The processing of data has been greatly enhanced by the rising performance brought on by the scaling of silicon circuits in the nanoscale range. However, for new sorts of flexible electronic...

Single LiDAR Scanner for Calculating Conveyor Belt Utilization

Conveyor belts have played a massive role in achieving improved pace and quality control in production lines. But that has caused another problem as in most of the production lines it...

A Minute Bot That’s Inspired By Fireflies!

MIT researchers have created insect-scale robots that can track motion and have the ability to communicate! Taking inspiration from nature, they created electroluminescent soft artificial muscles that enable flying, insect-scale robots. When...

This Bluetooth Location Services Device Last For 10 years On A Coin Cell

Silicon Labs has announced BG22, an energy-efficient Bluetooth location service solution. It incorporates advanced software which is designed to maximize the location-finding capabilities of the BG22 series of SoCs and SiP...

Parallel and Series Resistor Calculator

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Lowering Noise Emissions in 48V Mild Hybrid Systems

The trend of the worldwide market today still reserves about 80% of sales share for traditional ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles, while the remaining 20% includes overall xEV cars (all types...

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