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ASUS Z790 series motherboards offer support for enhanced memory profiles, overclocking, cooling, and easy installation. It also allows users to utilise the full potential of 13th Gen Intel Core processors ASUS has announced a new lineup of motherboards that supports...
This new motherboard from IEI Corp. offers reliable performance, advanced network connectivity and rich I/O capabilities in a compact board. IEI Integration Corp.has introduced the KINO-EHL-J6412 Mini-ITX motherboard supports up to 3 display outputs, 8 USB ports and 6 COM...
Colorful has introduced Motherboards that can maximize the performance of 13th Gen Intel Core CPUs Intel Z790 Series with its 16+1+1 (55A) power phase and 6-layered PCB design.   The CVN Z790D5 GAMING FROZEN and CVN Z790D5 GAMING PRO motherboards are...

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