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This geyser timer circuit sounds an alarm after the set timing of 22 minutes when the water is heated up. Geyser timer circuit The circuit comprises a timer IC 555 wired as an astable multivibrator with adjustable time period of 15...
Recently musical doorbells have become very common. Musical and continuous power doorbells serve as an attempt to bridge the gap between newer digital circuitry and older doorbell wiring schemes. A major difference between the standard setup of a wired...
Using this laser based transmitter & receiver circuit you can communicate with your neighbours wirelessly. Instead of RF signals, light from a laser torch is used as the carrier in a circuit. A laser torch can transmit light up...
In this video, the author is going to build a Tx and Rx circuit systems for speakers and control them using an IR remote. Courtesy: GreatScott! Project files on EasyEDA: click here More project information: click here  
In this video, the author will show you how he combined an old speaker with a cheap Bluetooth receiver module. He made a small power amp for the speaker and put all the electronics in a hidden place. Courtesy:¬†GreatScott!  
Here's how to make a real working paper plate speaker for under 100INR. Courtesy:¬†Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"