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IIT Bombay Researchers Propose A Novel Piezoelectric Material

Researchers explore properties of the new material for better micro and nano piezoelectric devices. Piezoelectric materials are used where vibration cancelling forces are required, as...

New Piezoelectric Materials Extracted from Waste Products

The new composite piezoelectric materials are suitable for producing a transparent film that undergoes self-sterilization whenever it's touched. Researchers of the Department of Materials Science...

Next-Gen High-Definition Piezoelectric Film Haptic Actuator

It acts as a sensitive skin to any product surface to create localised, independent sensations at any frequency Actuators with high-performance tactile sensing are required...

Effective Piezoelectric Switches For Use In Explosive Atmospheres

Certified, reliable and comprise of no mechanical switching contacts in aluminium or stainless-steel housings To provide better safety in potentially explosive atmospheres such as refineries...

Piezoelectric PSE Switch With Cable For Various Connectivity Applications

Ensures installation of the right choice of switch technology that do not demand unusually long cable lengths The pre-assembled polyurethane cable of the new...

What Is A Piezoelectric Sensor?

A piezoelectric sensor, also known as a piezoelectric transducer, is a device that uses the piezoelectric effect to measure changes in pressure, acceleration, temperature,...

Piezoelectric Based Energy Harvesting

Contents: • Introduction • Simple molecular model • Energy Harvesting • Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting • Sources of vibration for crystal • Applications of piezoelectricity • Conclusion Piezoelectric electric based energy...

Demo: Piezoelectric motor

Quick demonstration of a piezoelectric motor. Courtesy: Applied Science  
Batteryless Remote

Designing Batteryless Remote

“The first Batteryless remote that can work for years" There is much chemical waste being generated with billions of remotes being used. The waste produced...
Various sensing features in an office space (Credit: IDTechEx)

The Wonderful World Of Ingenious Printed Sensors

The electronics industry has heavily relied on sensors that have rigid proportions. But can the rise of flexible, printed sensors become a game-changer for...

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