EFY Circuit Hunter Challenge

What is the EFY Circuit Hunter Challenge?

In EFY’s Circuit Hunter Challenge, contestants face 5 questions that ask them to find particular circuits or components — to win Rs. 6000 or $100!

To make it easy for you, all the answers can be found within articles at our website itself. Can it get any easer?flat800x800075f-e1468828886842

How to try and win the challenge

  1. Create a free account on electronicsforu.com (if you are not already a member).
  2. Read and understand each question. The answer will be in the form of a circuit project article on our website. You can try to find the answers by using the search function at the top-right of the website.
  3. Once you find an answer, you can write down the answer as well as the URL of the page from which you got the answer.
  4. Once you have all 5 answers, you can submit it through the form at the end of the contest page.
  5. Winners will be announced with super exciting cash prizes!

100 cashPrizes

At the end of every contest, the selected winner will win a gift card of $100 or Rs. 6,000 and a 6-month subscription to EFY magazine’s eZine version!

Additionally, the organisation/company/institution from which the highest number of participants competed, will win a ₹ 10,000 sponsorship package from EFY.

Winners are selected based on the following criteria

  1. Maximum number of correct answers
  2. Creativity seen in your answer for “Why I Deserve to Win”
  3. If multiple winners have correct answers, then the final 3 winners will be chosen at random
  4. No duplicate submissions through separate email addresses

Entry Closed. Winner Announced.

The winner of the EFY Circuit Design Hunter Challenge is: Anant Kumar Singh, Bangalore, Karnataka. Please check your inbox for your 6000 INR amazon gift card.