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Free electronics projects, circuit diagrams and software codes available for students and hobbyists. Complete instructions on DIY electronic devices also available. These projects have been tested by EFY and are available with source codes. These are helpful with understanding concepts of electronics including basic components. The projects are designed to be helpful for engineering students and professionals building their own designs and circuits. The projects are also compiled from time to time to provide a single destination for project junkies. Let us know how you feel about the content and any thing you would like us to cover in the future. We hope you enjoy the content on this page!

Author's Prototype for square wave generator

Configure Arduino Uno As Square Wave Generator

In this project, the Arduino Uno is configured as a square wave generator with user-selectable control of the frequency and duty cycle. The operating range of the system is up to...

Automatic Contactless Switch For Smart Home

With increased technological advancements, switches require updating with current times. To avoid the risk of contracting COVID-19, it has become important to not touch surfaces of buttons and keys that have...

Smart Touch Panel For Home Automation

Traditional switches are outdated now. These switches have mechanical moving parts that get damaged on continuous use. Many old switchboards are getting replaced by modern touch switches that not only enhance the...

Portable Solar Lantern Cum Bedlight

This portable solar-powered lantern with auto bedlight for everyday use can be made with easily available components. The circuit diagram of the portable solar lantern cum bedlight is shown in Fig. 1....
ESP32 Talking Clock

ESP32 Talking Clock

The MP3 shield that has come from aliexpess for a mere $1.3 a piece was lying on the table for quite some time as I was really not able to find...
Smart Bluetooth Lock

ESP32 Cam-Based Smart Bluetooth Lock

A traditional lock can pose problems if the keys required to unlock them get lost. In such a case, they will need to be replaced for security purposes. Same applies for...
Tilt Detector

Arduino-Based Tilt Detector

An accelerometer, which is an electromechanical device, can be used for various applications like tilt detection, obstacle detection, motion inputs, earthquake sensing, etc. Tilt detection is a simple application of an...
Author’s prototype for Arduino based frequency generator

Making This Versatile Arduino-Based Frequency Generator Is Simple

This is a simple function generator that works in the audio frequency range. It can be useful for amplifier testing, experimentation in digital signal processing (DSP) and electronics labs. The author’s...
Automated Product Sorting By Colour

Automated Product Sorting By Colour

In this project we are going to make an automated sorting system that uses colour coding to sort a product, helping in managing a warehouse. Due to the increasing demand for...
transmitter side of 3D Mouse and Keyboard (3D HID device)

Enjoy This Wireless 3D Mouse And Keyboard

We have seen different types of human interface devices (HID), such as mouse and keyboard. In older versions of the mouse, optical sensors were used to detect movement relative to a...

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