Then there were other challenges like power supply, unavailability of technical assistance, institutes not ready to provide any funds and the farmers not understanding the value of the product. These were few initial challenges however they increased during the expansion of the product. Heavy cost in promotion advocacy, creation of the simplest design for farmers, building confidence for using GSM modem, different power requirement in different seasons and different regions due to scarcity of water, educating the rural sector, low cost requirements, multi flavoured market requirements.

Though a product has been developed with a motive to control the water pumps, there are so many market segments based on location, season, cultivation, education, gender, finance etc where it can be easily used. Mr. Ostwal explains, “We are focusing on the lift irrigation water pumps market which is facing challenges in controlling and monitoring the water pumps. Along with them, we are also focusing on the rural irrigation systems in every villages for drinking water supply. Starting with one state initially, and subsequently adding number of states we are going to reach in 9 states of India in coming five years.”

It is a finished product for the current business model, but going to be changed aesthetically for the mass demand in the coming time. Mr. Ostwal confirms, “We may not add any additional features but certainly a product will be made as per the international standard for meeting the global demand.”

Sneha A is a Technical Journalist at EFY Gurgaon


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