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Smartwatch-based Login System for Multiple Devices & Online Payments

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In today’s digital age, security is paramount, especially when it comes to accessing personal devices and sensitive information. Traditional password-based authentication methods are susceptible to various threats, including visual observation and surveillance.

To address these concerns, a smartwatch-based login system has been developed, leveraging the innovative Indusboard and GC9A01.

This project enables users to securely log in to multiple devices and even perform transactions via a payment gateway using a single master key input from their smartwatch. By utilizing HID capability, this system ensures that the user’s main password remains safe, even in scenarios that could be compromised through visual observation or recording.

The core components of our system include a smartwatch equipped with Indusboard technology, a GC9A01 touch display module, and the Indusboard interface software. The smartwatch acts as a secure gateway for user authentication and device interaction.

Upon entering the master key into the smartwatch through the Indusboard interface, users can securely log in to multiple devices and perform transactions via a payment gateway.

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Smartwatch based Login System

 Bill of Material 

Bill of Material for Smartwatch-based Login System

Smartwatch-based Login System – Code

First, we need to install the TFT-eSPI and CST8165 touch display library, then we create the number keypad layout, and next, we check the key touched and then set the password for a master key for all passwords in the cod. This is the code that you need to type in watch to get access to send passwords for all other devices.

DIY Login System Code
Fig. Smartwatch-based Login System – Code

Next, we develop a function to determine the touch point and the selected option for logging into the device. Subsequently, we configure the HID output to emulate keyboard press keys corresponding to the password of the device, with the original password securely stored on the device.

Code for Smartwatch based Login System
Fig. Code for Login System
Touch Display Dial Pad for Smartwatch-based security System
Fig. The dial pad layout 

Smartwatch-based Security System – Connection 

You need to connect the Display to the Indusboard. Earlier, in the Smartwatch project, we explained the step-by-step guide for the connection, follow the given link for the connection:- Indusboard and Display Connection.

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Testing and Working

To log in or authenticate, connect the smartwatch to the USB port of the desired device. If you’re using a phone and wish to authenticate a UPI transaction without revealing the actual password, simply plug the watch into the phone’s USB port.

Then, enter the master password on the watch and select the UPI option. This will automatically fill in the UPI key and complete the payment.

Security Login System using Smartwatch

Similarly, to log in to a laptop using the smartwatch, connect the watch to the laptop via USB. Enter the correct password on the watch and select the laptop option. The watch will then transmit the correct laptop password and complete the login process.

Smartwatch based Login System

This method can also be applied to log in to other systems such as Facebook, eliminating the need to enter the actual password and reducing the risk of password exposure to surveillance devices like CCTV.

Indusboard based Login System
Ashwini Sinha
Ashwini Sinha
A tech journalist at EFY, with hands-on expertise in electronics DIY. He has an extraordinary passion for AI, IoT, and electronics. Holder of two design records and two times winner of US-China Makers Award.


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