Awesome Raspberry Pi Projects for Engineers

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hobbyist, Raspberry Pi projects offer a diverse range of applications, from educational ventures to smart home automation and everything in between. In this article, we explore some of the top Raspberry Pi projects that showcase the creative potential and innovation that can be achieved using this affordable and compact computing platform.

The Raspberry Pi board is a highly popular and versatile single-board computer that serves as an affordable and compact platform for a wide range of projects and applications. It finds extensive use in education, prototyping, home automation, media centers, robotics, and various other domains.

With multiple models available, the Raspberry Pi board offers different features and capabilities, including GPIO pins for interfacing with external devices, HDMI ports for connecting displays, USB ports, Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity options, and the ability to run an operating system like Raspberry Pi OS, which can be installed on a microSD card.

One of the notable strengths of the Raspberry Pi lies in its large community of dedicated enthusiasts, and its open-source nature allows for extensive customization and expansion opportunities.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation promotes the study of basic computer science in schools and is responsible for developing the RPi single-board computers.

If you want to read about the Raspberry Pi development board: click here

Let’s look at some Raspberry Pi projects for you to get busy with.

1. Make a Video Streaming Camera

In this project, we are going to make a video streaming camera. It can be accessed over Wi-Fi and live stream on multiple devices.

This project is available at Make Video Streaming Camera with Raspberry Pi

2. Multi-Language Voice Control IoT Home Automation System

In this DIY project, we are going to make an IoT home automation system. It will allow you to control your home with voice commands given in your preferred language.

This project is available at Multi-Language Voice Control IOT Home Automation System

3. Setting Up Qt On RPi And Basic Application

This project describes the steps to get started with Qt software on Raspberry Pi. Qt is a platform that can run on all desktop and mobile operating systems.

This project is available at Setting Up Qt On Raspberry Pi And Basic Application

4. Accessing Graphical Desktop Of RPi Using SSH And VNC

The configuration given in this article lets you set up a local network between a Raspberry Pi board and a laptop.

This project is available at Accessing Graphical Desktop Of Raspberry Pi Using SSH And VNC

5. Capturing Images with USB Camera, Wi-Fi, and Raspberry Pi

This article explains interfacing a USB camera & Wi-Fi with Raspberry Pi. It also explains the steps for making a webcam server using VLC Apache2 software.

This project is available at Capturing Images with USB Camera, Wi-Fi, and Raspberry Pi

6. Virtual Telepresence Robot

This robot with a camera is placed in a remote location to capture the environment in visual form using Raspberry Pi (RPi). The captured visuals are displayed on the user’s virtual reality (VR) headset.

This project is available at: Virtual Telepresence Robot Using Raspberry Pi

7. Time-Lapse Photography

This project aims at developing a simple time-lapse photography device with RPi 3 and Pi camera.

This project is available at Time-lapse photography

8. Capturing images using a USB Camera

Here we interface a USB webcam and Wi-Fi with an RPi board model B. The developer used wheezy Linux as it is Debian style, hence easy to install & tweak.

This project is available at Capturing images using a USB camera

9. Smart Receptionist With Smartlock

Here is a security system that lets you see a visitor while your main office door is locked.

This project is available at Smart Receptionist with Smartlock

10. Surveillance Camera Using Android

This Surveillance Camera lets you check the surveillance footage right on your Android device.

This project is available at Surveillance camera using an Android

11. Adding an Audio Port to Raspberry Pi zero

The idea here is to make something that’s stylish, portable, and can play Spotify. It hopefully also displays visuals such as album art.

This project is available at: Adding audio to raspberry pi zero

12. Face Recognition Using Raspberry Pi

This project requires RPi B+, an RPi camera, a pushbutton switch, a relay, and some miscellaneous components. Images are captured through the RPi camera and stored in a database in RPi.

This project is available at: Face recognition using Raspberry pi

13. XBee interfacing with Raspberry Pi Model 2

The objective of this next project is to send a character on the XBee module and receive it on another XBee module. To send/receive data on XBee, the modules should be configured, and to do that the software required is XCTU.

This project is available at XBee interfacing with Raspberry Pi

14. Weather Station

This project uses an RPi development board and the Pi Sense hat to collect & aggregate weather data in your local area.

This project is available at Weather station

15. Ultrasonic Distance Meter

This project uses an ultrasonic ranging module with an RPi to build an ultrasonic distance meter.

This project is available at Ultrasonic distance meter using Raspberry Pi 2

16. GPS on Raspberry Pi

With this next project, you could build a system that uses GPS over a RPi to help you track targets.

You can find the project here: GPS on Raspberry Pi

17. Controlling a Stepper Motor

Here is a project for controlling a stepper motor using a rotary encoder. It consists of an RPi (Raspi) board, a 5-pin rotary encoder, a 5V stepper motor, and an L293D motor driver.

This project is available at Controlling stepper motor using rotary encoder

18. Create A GUI Program For Raspberry Pi And Arduino

This article describes the procedure to set up Arduino (Open Source Development Board) as a slave device, which gets all control signals from Raspberry Pi running a Python code.

The program presented here provides simple steps to interface RPi and Arduino. Arduino as a slave can also be used to control electrical devices including LEDs and servos.

You can find the project here: Create A GUI Program For Raspberry Pi And Arduino

19. Real-Time Face Recognition Doorbell

In this DIY project, we are going to build a Raspberry Pi face recognition smart doorbell. It will identify the person on the door.

You can find the project here: Raspberry Pi Real-Time Face Recognition Doorbell (Hindi & English Video)

20. Wireless Video Surveillance Robot

This project builds a robot that can be controlled via wireless controls and can be used for video surveillance. It is controlled by an RPi development board.

You can find the project here: Wireless Video Surveillance Robot using Raspberry Pi

Let us know if you designed any of these projects. If you have any Raspberry Pi projects, let us know through the comments section below.

This article was first published on 18 January 2018 and was recently updated on August 2023.