Thursday, February 22, 2024

“We Provide Research Infrastructure Management Solutions”

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Q. Can you name some of your leading international clients and the kind of work you have done for them?
A. For an innovative biotechnology company in Sweden, we provided turnkey automation solution for their plant and successfully executed remote monitoring and diagnostics capabilities. This plant is meant to produce various biotechnological substances (e.g., recombinant proteins or enzymes, organic acids, osmolytes) in a remote location with very limited presence of operators on the plant floor. Hence, it is critical to monitor and control the production parameters within its tight operating limits, which demands precise automated control systems. Our solution has facilitated our customer to effectively address the challenges in maintaining the tight operating limits of their production and safety parameters. The remote monitoring and diagnosis feature helps the users to check the status of the system and its parameters on their mobile phones.

This turnkey solution has helped our customer to remotely monitor their system and take actions at the right time appropriately, for safe and hassle-free operation of their biotechnology infrastructure, to avoid and eliminate human errors, depend less on operators and supervisors and for timely and fault-free operation.

We have provided remote access to some of our international users to access our engineering laboratories.

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Q. Can you also name some of your leading Indian clients and the kind of projects you have done for them?
A: Coming to the Indian market, we provide services to a leading virtual instrumentation company. We have designed and developed several automated test equipment in the field of aerospace for the defence sector and in the field of component testing for organisations under the Department of Atomic Energy and automotive component manufacturing companies. We have also provided skilled LabVIEW/ TestStand programmers for engineering design/ testing of automotive infotainment systems for a leading European luxury carmaker. Designing and developing remote lab set-up for electrical machines, IC engines or process control trainer kits for leading engineering institutes of national importance and deemed universities is also part of our profile.

Q. What is your marketing strategy to reach global clients? Is it the same for Indian clients too?
A: Our marketing strategy extends to both Indian and global clients. For a start-up such as us, it is important to explore partnerships with those who are already working in related fields, as they could facilitate us to position our technologies in the right space.

We attend conferences, network and publish the outcome of our research in international journals. We recently participated in REV 2015, a leading international conference on remote engineering and virtual instrumentation.

Our innovation labs team develops intuitive solutions that we then try to pitch to our prospective clients. We also attend domain-specific events where we network. We build innovative solutions that facilitate remote access to engineering infrastructure for aspiring engineers to enhance their engineering capability. In the current context, social media is a platform that we intend to leverage to reach out to prospective users of this technology. We offer trail access to our remote labs for interested users. Interested users can write to us at [email protected]

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Q. How many design engineers would you have for circuit/ system design and chip design?
A: For circuit/ system design, we have 15 engineers. Currently, we do not have any chip designers. However, since the organisation is growing, we may recruit chip designers based on specific business demand or requirements. We are looking at entry-level designers and those with two to three years experience.

Q. Do you offer training or internship programmes?
A: Yes, we do. We have internship programmes, which include two categories – campus entrepreneurship orientation programme and campus technical employment orientation programme.

We do not necessarily hire from tier-1 or tier-2 colleges. We have had great teams grouping in from almost any engineering institution that we could think of. We are open to candidates from other industries too. However, currently our focus is on academic institutions as we believe that they need us the most.

Q. What are the skill-sets you find lacking in freshers?
A. The main factor would be exposure. It is not that freshers lack skill-sets. It is just that they have not got enough opportunities to explore and utilise their skill-sets. We would like to facilitate smooth transition in this process.


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