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Analog Devices, Inc. has announced the release of ADXL367, a MEMS Accelerometer. The three-axis MEMS accelerometer is designed for healthcare and industrial applications and offers an improved power consumption and better noise performance than its predecessor. The new accelerometer...
This Proximity Beacon Module has a longer battery life, better range, and OTA configurability! The new EMBC22 Proximity Beacon Module from Omni Pro Electronics includes an accelerometer for tracking moving objects. It is a high-performance, low-energy Bluetooth V4.2 proximity beacon...
Gives an 8x increase in gyroscope resolution and a 4x increase in accelerometer resolution Provides a 40 per cent lower noise and improves temperature stability compared to traditional IMUs The InvenSense ICM-42688-P high-performance motion sensor by TDK Corporation is...

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