Sunday, May 26, 2024

Tracking Movable Objects is Now Easier Thanks to This Module From Omni Pro

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This Proximity Beacon Module has a longer battery life, better range, and OTA configurability!

The new EMBC22 Proximity Beacon Module from Omni Pro Electronics includes an accelerometer for tracking moving objects. It is a high-performance, low-energy Bluetooth V4.2 proximity beacon that can be customised. The EMBC22 is housed in a compact, easy-to-use coin-shape enclosure and is powered by the EM9304, which EM claims is the world’s lowest power Bluetooth IC.

The module’s features include

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  • Longer life from a CR2032 battery
  • Longer range (up to 200m LOS)
  • Over-the-air configurability
  • Optional connector for sensors or power source

All main beacon formats, including iBeacon, Eddystone, AltBeacon, and proprietary systems like Quuppa Intelligent Locating System, are compatible with the EMBC22. With over-the-air programming from a mobile device (all major iOS and Android smartphones supported), the EMBC22 can be securely updated in the field. For a variety of applications, the EMBC22 accelerometer can be used to create efficient and low-energy algorithms. For example, the accelerometer can be utilised to trigger beaconing based on movement or gestures. The beacon uses very little energy while it is not in use.

Since it is fully customisable over the air, the following parameters can be easily modified:

  • Packet types, including custom packet type
  • Device name, address, manufacturer name, model number, HW/SW revision
  • UUID, Major/Minor ID, UID or URL
  • Beacon interval, Transmitter power
  • Accelerometer function and sensitivity

The EMBC22 is available in any number and comes with a guaranteed unique ID. For optical scanning, a 2D unique serial number is printed on the beacon housing. It may be kept in “Warehouse Mode” for extended periods of time without severely reducing battery life. The battery life is more than four years when used for six hours per day.

The EMBC22 can also be ordered as a PCB module without a casing. The switch and battery holder are included in the module. A Renata CR2032/ 225mAh battery is included with the beacon. Other Renata Lithium primary batteries can also be used, such the CR2016/90mAh, CR2450/540mAh, and CR2477/950mAh. Moreover, it is FCC, IC, and CE certified, and RoHS and REACH compliant.

Click here to view the datasheet.



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