Monday, June 17, 2024

An Accelerometer That Prevents False Triggering

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Analog Devices, Inc. has announced the release of ADXL367, a MEMS Accelerometer. The three-axis MEMS accelerometer is designed for healthcare and industrial applications and offers an improved power consumption and better noise performance than its predecessor. The new accelerometer also provides extended field time that maximizes battery life and reduces maintenance frequency and cost. It also employs a temperature sensor, an internal ADC, and tap detection feature along with a state machine to prevent false triggering.


According to the company, the ADXL367 consumes only 0.88 µA at a 100 Hz output data rate and 180 nA when in a motion-triggered wake-up mode which makes it twice as power-efficient as the previous generation of the device (ADXL362) while improving noise performance by up to over 30 percent. Moreover, it is capable of sampling data at full bandwidth, unlike other accelerometers that use power duty cycling to achieve low power consumption.

ADXL367 Key Features:

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  • 200 nW motion detection in wakeup mode, and 970 nW in measurement.
  • Deep multimode output FIFO, a built-in micropower temperature sensor, an internal ADC for synchronous conversion of additional analog input, single/double-tap detection, and a state machine to prevent false triggering.
  • Functions with supply voltages as small as 1.1V allow for single-cell battery operation without external boost converters.
  • Provisions for external control of the sampling time and/or an external clock.
  • Rich digital features, such as single and double-tap, free fall, and activity detection, reduce computation demand for the host microprocessor, and further improve system power consumption.

The ultralow-power device is specifically designed for healthcare and industrial usage and can be used for applications such as vital signs monitoring, hearing aids, and motion-enabled metering devices.


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