Thursday, May 19, 2022
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The machine learning technique overcomes past barriers to developing intelligent RRAM-based edge-learning systems Scientists from CEA-Leti have demonstrated a machine-learning technique that assists in the development of resistive-RAM (RRAM)-based edge-learning intelligent systems. The learning algorithms currently used in RRAM-based edge approaches...
Open and scalable platform with high Deep Learning Performance and low power drives central processing ECUs for automated driving Delivering a groundbreaking 60 TOPS with low power consumption for deep learning processing and up to 96,000 DMIPS is the R-Car...
The solution enables industrial-equipment vendors to quickly evaluate embedded AI models running on device and learning Octonion SA, a deep tech software company specialising in Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the Edge for industrial-equipment diagnosis has announced a STM32Cube expansion package...

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