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ATmega16 pin diagram

ATmega16 Pin Diagram | ATmega16 Block Diagram & Description

Launched in 1996, the AVR core combines a rich instruction set with 32 general purpose working registers. All the 32 registers are directly connected...

ATmega16 Pin Diagram & Description

ATmega16 is an 8-bit high performance microcontroller from the Atmel’s Mega AVR family. Atmega16 is a 40 pin microcontroller based on enhanced RISC (Reduced...
GPS Receiver Prototype

Microcontroller Projects: ATmega16A Based GPS Receiver

A global positioning system (GPS) receiver is used to get precise geographical location by receiving information from satellites. It not only gives information about...
Working of Microcontrollers

Top Microcontroller Projects | Microcontroller Project Ideas

The role of a microcontroller in the life of a design engineer is immense. These provide integrated solutions for engineers incorporating multiple peripherals along...
Mini Projects Ideas

Mini Project Ideas For Engineers

Electronics projects are always in high demand. Students work on various mini project ideas topics to improve their skills, whereas hobbyists like the fun...

Line Follower Robot Using PID Algorithm

A line follower is a simple robot that follows a thick line drawn on the floor using infrared (IR) or some other optical sensors....

Microcontroller Projects: AVR Bootloader Circuit for Trouble-free Programming

Normally, ATMEL’s AVR microcontrollers are programmed using programmers. There are many ways to program the AVR microcontrollers, such as in-system programming, parallel programming and...
How To Build An Intelligent Home Using Raspberry Pi

How To Build An Intelligent Home Using Raspberry Pi

The proposed Internet of Things (IoT)-based smart system includes such smart devices as smart fridge and smart alarms. Here, the smart fridge will automatically...
GPS Navigator

GPS Navigator

Global positioning system (GPS) is a wonderful technology that has made navigation systems highly accurate and efficient in recent years. All the mobile phones...

Arduino Nano Based Car Security & Automatic Wiper System

This project addresses the automatic wiper and car security system for a car. Apart from that, it takes care of the security in terms...

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