Monday, June 17, 2024

How To Program AVR Microcontroller Using Atmega16?

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There are several ways to program AVR microcontrollers. You can program Atmega16 using ISP programer. The software is written in C language and compiled using Keil software. You can use any suitable software for programming the ATmega16A microcontroller. For instance, ProgISP programmer can be used for its programming.

You can install ProgISP from the internet. After successful installation, follow the steps to burn (program) the code into Atmega ICs using ProgISP programmer:

  1. Install ProgISP
  2. Save source code in hex code
  3. Open ISP programmer
  4. Select IC here as Atmega16A and insert the IC in zip socket
  5. Upload the hex code
  6. The window shows: Uploaded Successfully
  7. Remove the IC and use it for the project


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